• 582 Wishes Granted
  • Beautiful Foundation-Coloured Bracelets Created by OM Bracelets


OM Bracelets is partnering with Make-A-Wish Quebec to create a range of bracelets in the Foundation’s colors. These beautiful bracelets made by hand from semiprecious stones are sold online. Give them as a gift or use them to raise funds. Thanks to the generosity of our partner, each sale will bring $ 10 to the Foundation.


The OM Bracelets Story

The owners of the company, Jason and Alexandre, set up OM Bracelets to combine their passions for art, psychology and spirituality. The two local creators innovate in the holistic field by creating energetic bracelets. Each creation is unique and represents a different energy. The semiprecious stones that are used capture negative energies to turn them into positive ones.


Throughout the OM Bracelets adventure, the two owners want to make a difference in society. Whether it’s by the personalized service they offer their clients, the quality products they create or the causes they support, Jason and Alexandre are spreading joy.


The idea of ​​supporting children emerged when they met a little girl at a pop-up shop. Her mother asked her to choose a bracelet that would help her reduce her anxiety and fears. Jason and Alexandre were touched when they witnessed the hope in the little girl's eyes and all the strength she showed. At that time, they realized that children need support and decided to get involved with them as they are the future.


The two acolytes have chosen to partner with our Foundation to change lives. For them, seeing children with a critical illness realize their dearest wish is something they are really proud of. The values ​​of their company and those of Make-A-Wish Quebec meet at all levels.


Thank you to this generous partner for helping us transform lives, one wish at a time.