• 516 Wishes Granted
  • A Special Wish Reveal for Emil


When Wish Granters met Émil, this 7-year-old boy told them he wanted a "wave monster" at home. On April 29, he experienced the surprise of a lifetime when he saw a limousine stop in front of his house. The driver invited him, as well as his parents and brothers, for a ride to the Trevi store in Mascouche where family members, friends and store employees were waiting for him.

A few minutes after his arrival, Émil learned that his wish would come true and that there were only a few days left before having his own spa in his backyard. Émil and his family were thrilled! He can finally enjoy the benefits of hot water soothing his muscles and making him feel better.

Seeing as he’s a true fan of Flash McQueen, Bob the Clown used his balloons to create and give him a replica of the car and Fredo the magician showed him some of his best tricks.

Émil's mother sent us this message in the evening: "I want to thank you for the nice afternoon you planned for us! Many thanks for your time, your energy and your immense generosity! It was a moment that will we cherish forever in our hearts! THANK YOU for existing and making our son's life easier and better! "

A huge thank you to Trevi Mascouche, Rhythm FM and Sweet Isabelle. Thanks to you, we can transform lives, one wish at a time.