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Founded by two individuals passionate about art, psychology and spirituality, OM Bracelets innovates in the holistic environment by creating energetic bracelets. Each of their creations is unique and embodies a different energy. The semi-precious stones capture the negative energies to turn them into positives.

OM Bracelets is partnering with Make-A-Wish Quebec by creating a range of bracelets to match the colors of the Foundation. These beautiful handmade semi-precious stones bracelets are sold online. Give them as a gift or use them to raise funds. Thanks to the generosity of our partner, each sale will bring $10 to the Foundation.

"Make-A-Wish Quebec was the ideal organization to support for us to change lives. Seeing the wishes of children come true, especially when they are affected by a critical illness, makes us really proud. The values of the Foundation and OM Bracelets meet at all levels." - Alexandre and Jason, Owners of OM Bracelets.