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Magic Bag is the best-selling brand of hot and cold therapeutic compresses in Canada. For more than 25 years, this Canadian company has been offering warmth, comfort and relief for everyday aches and pains. Approved by Health Canada, Magic Bag compresses contain high quality, specially treated oats. The heating or cooling of the compresses combined with the massaging effect of the grains offers a pleasant relief and a natural healing.

Sac Magic continues its crusade by helping the Make-A-Wish® Foundation raise money to help fulfill the wishes of children with serious illnesses. For every Warmy product sold, a percentage of the proceeds goes to the Make-A-Wish® Foundation.

The decision to join the Make-A-Wish® Foundation was self-evident. The goal of Magic Bag is to relieve pain and discomfort, and the Foundation relieves the pain experienced by families of children with debilitating diseases. Since no one is safe from these possibilities, everyone can sympathize and understand the need for relief and support.

All who have children, nieces and nephews have experienced the preoccupation experienced when they are sick; with a little luck we only experience coughs and colds. However, when the disease is severe, it takes all our time. Many people in Sac Magic have experienced this with young family members struggling with serious illnesses. We fully understand how the wishes offered by the foundation can bring a small dose of happiness amid the stress of treatment, recovery or slow decline. Give a warm hug today, and feel good for contributing to this noble cause.