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Sweet Isabelle chose shortbread cookies for her designs as these are chic, refined and unique – much more than just cookies! Seeing as how they are harder to work with than egg-based cookies, it's truly a challenge to offer these to you in lollypop form! As you can imagine, only the best and freshest ingredients are chosen.

Sweet Isabelle also offers homemade cupcakes for all of life's events. Whether for a wedding, a birthday, a child's birth or simply to say "thank you", our extraordinary creations are sure to be hit! With more than 2500 different cookie cutters, together we will surely find the perfect thing to make any occasion a success.

You are looking for a customized label or card? Sweet Isabelle offers the services of a professional graphic artist to add that personal touch to your order. Picture or company's logo in edible ink can be print on a sugar sheet; a perfect decoration for all of my shortbread cookies or cupcakes! Those cookies sure do great corporate gifts! 

Last but not least, Sweet Isabelle offers cookie decorating workshops for people of all age, and more specifically kid's party. A real treat!