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I wish to have a room that reflects my personality

Elza is a bubbly 10-year-old who loves to cook, go to the cinema and spend time with her friends. Her preteen life was completely turned upside down when she was diagnosed with a nervous system disorder that affects her balance and energy level.

She met the Make-A-Wish Quebec team while...

A sensory room for Luca

Luca is a cheerful 17-year-old boy. He communicates through gestures and with images. Because of his condition, he loses his balance and needs assistance to move around.

His wish was to have a sensory room where he could relax with his family. The basement was the ideal place to set...

A Pokémon Room for Kalens

Kalens is a 14-year-old boy with a blood disorder. Like many kids his age, he loves to play video games. Due to his medical condition, many activities are difficult for him.
However, ...

I wish to have a multisensory room

Nicolas is a young boy of just 9 years and suffers from Zellweger syndrome. He is deaf, almost completely blind and has a severe development delay. What brings him joy in life? Playing with toys that light up and vibrate, watching his favorite TV show, Diego, and spending time with his...

I wish to have a room makeover

Mathieu, 18, has had three open heart operations. This has kept him in hospital for many months over the last few years. He is a very happy teenager who is interested in baseball, exercise and video games.

When Make-A-Wish / Fais-Un-Voeu Québec asked what would be his dearest wish, he...