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I wish to meet my favourite singer

Laurence is a 15-year-old girl who loves music.  She lights up when listening to her favourite artists and having cystic fibrosis doesn’t keep her from dancing to their tunes. When we met Laurence, we noticed that her walls were filled with posters of her idols. When she told us that...

A dream encounter with Belle

Lily-Rose is a joyous 7-year-old girl suffering from cystic fibrosis. Day and night, she has to do undergo clapping to drain mucus from her lungs. In addition to this treatment, she has to maintain a high-calorie diet, ingest large quantities of vitamin D, and monitor her sugar intake.


I wish to have a multisensory room

Nicolas is a young boy of just 9 years and suffers from Zellweger syndrome. He is deaf, almost completely blind and has a severe development delay. What brings him joy in life? Playing with toys that light up and vibrate, watching his favorite TV show, Diego, and spending time with his...