A dream encounter with Belle

Lily-Rose is a joyous 7-year-old girl suffering from cystic fibrosis. Day and night, she has to do undergo clapping to drain mucus from her lungs. In addition to this treatment, she has to maintain a high-calorie diet, ingest large quantities of vitamin D, and monitor her sugar intake.

When our wish granters met her, Lily-Rose had a single wish: to meet Belle. She loves this yellow-gowned princess. In fact, when the wish-granters met her for the first time, she was wearing pajamas of her idol Last December, Lily-Rose's wish came true. Thanks to teamwork and a personalized planning of her wish, this young girl was able to meet her favourite princess. She was able to have a private face-to-face meeting and tell her how much she loved her.

On top of this encounter, Lily-Rose and her family visited some theme parks and enjoyed of all the activities that Give Kids The World Village had to offer.

The wish experience changes the life of a child in an extraordinary way. It turns their fear to confidence, their sadness to happiness, and their anxiety to hope. When Lily-Rose faces difficult moments, she will be able to remember her encounter with Belle.

We would like to thank the Les ADMirables team for helping make Lily-Rose's wish a reality through the Adopt-A-Wish program! We would also like to thank our partners: Sony, TuGo, and WestJet.


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