I wish to be a veterinarian

Mia is 13 and suffers from stage 3 meningioma brain tumor.  She spent over 6 months in the hospital receiving treatments and finally just returned home.

Although she is confined to bed several times during the day, it doesn’t stop her from playing with what she loves most: her Beanie Boos stuffed animals. And she has a big collection... over 100 Beanie Boos!

When Make-A-Wish Quebec asked her to tell us about her dearest wish, it was easy to understand that Mia loves animals as she wants to become a veterinarian for all animals. Animals are her favorite subject. Being good in math, she told us: "It is very important to know how to calculate the right amount of medicine to give to an animal!"

Her wish reveal took place at home in the presence of family members. She had no idea of the surprise planned for her. Mia’s day was filled with surprises related to animals: encyclopedia, DVD, scrapbook, everything was dedicated towards all animals of the planet.  And she also received plenty of new Beanie Boos!

The biggest surprise was when Mia was invited to the veterinarian hospital of Trois-Rivière “l’Hôpital vétérinaire trifluvien”. The staff was eagerly awaiting to give her her own veterinarian shirt, her Dr. Mia pin and her own tool kit. Mia got the chance to pet a lot of animals, feed a baby cat, visit the entire clinic and even watch a surgery.

Mia was extremely happy. She now has what it takes to learn new things about animals and to care for her stuffed animals! That moment brought pure happiness for Mia and her family.

Thank you to all the employees of “l’Hôpital vétérinaire trifluvien” for their warm welcome! Also, thank you to the Aéroports de Montréal team who made this wish possible with their generous donation made through the Adopt-A-Wish program!


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