I wish to climb a volcano!

At 18 years old, you shouldn’t have had to come close to death. However, that is what happened to Ashan over the summer when he was 16. Hospitalized urgently due to an infection in his heart, he had to undergo heart surgery where his doctors had to replace his infected valve by an artificial one. The result? He would have to live with a weaker heart and take medications for the rest of his life.


To celebrate the end of this difficult life chapter and the start of a new one, Make-A-Wish Quebec granted Ashan his greatest wish. A lover of the outdoors and fresh air, the teenager wished climb a volcano.

In November 2017, he boarded a flight for the main island of Hawaii, Big Island! Upon their arrival on the island, Ashan and his family participated in a traditional Hawaiian ceremony, the gift of a Lei that signifies hospitality, love and respect. With the help of Make-A-Wish Hawaii, our team prepared several activities during his week-long trip.

During his Hawaiian adventure, Ashan lived out his greatest wish of climbing a volcano, the Kilauea. Recognized for its magnificence, this volcano has been in eruption since 1983 making it the most active volcano in the world. It was an incredible experience for someone who loves discovering the natural beauty of nature.


Along with his volcano excursion, Ashan got to explore the crystal waters of Hawaii while snorkeling in the historical bay of Kealakekua. Aboard the Fair Wind Cruise, he discovered paradise-like landscapes and the history of this island in the central pacific.

At his return, Ashan had nothing but nice things to say on his trip. According to him, this experience reminded him of the importance of having fun despite the challenges life might throw his way.


Mahalo to the Sport Experts team of the 48-Hour Ride 2017 for their generous contribution through the Adopt-A-Wish program that made it possible for us to grant Ashan’s wish!

to our partners, Sony, TuGo & WestJet for making this wish a once in a lifetime experience for Ashan!

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