I wish to enjoy the fresh air

Louis is a three-year-old boy who loves spending time in his backyard that is surrounded by woods. Living with a neurological disorder, he needs support for his everyday activities and can’t move around on his own.

Because of his medical condition, Louis unfortunately couldn’t stay outside for a long time as he can’t shoo away mosquitoes. His wish, to have an outdoor pavilion where he will be able to enjoy the fresh air without being bitten by mosquitoes, has become a reality!

His new screened outdoor space was furnished for his needs with a suspended hammock and an outdoor bed where he can rest. When his parents placed him on his hammock, Louis made a huge smile. His mother mentioned “Louis loves feeling the wind on his face and listening to the birds singing, but there were so many mosquitoes on him that it was impossible to stay outside. With the pavilion, Louis will finally be able to enjoy being outside in the spring, summer and fall, nap outdoors and breathe in the fresh air.” We wish him and his family many wonderful moments in their new pavilion.

A huge thank you to the ADMirables team who made Louis’ wish come true through the Adopt-A-Wish program. Thanks also to Rona who provided the material to build the pavilion’s base, and to all who participated in making this wish come true!

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