I wish to go to an all-inclusive resort

Samuel, 17, has a form of progressive muscular dystrophy. The condition prevents him from playing sports and makes keeping his balance difficult, leading to frequent falls. However, he loves hanging out with his friends, listening to music and riding his scooter.

When wish granters met with Samuel he said he wanted to go to an all-inclusive resort to swim with dolphins and try his hand at snorkeling. His wish was granted this past December when he and his family boarded a plane to the Bahamas. Upon their arrival, a limousine was waiting to take them to their hotel - VIP style.

Samuel was soon enjoying the resort’s many activities, from swimming in the ocean to interacting with dolphins. He was even able to celebrate his 17th birthday on the beach; he didn’t waste the opportunity to send a video to his friends, still clad in snow boots back home! In Samuel’s words, the resort was, "Crazy and super cool!"

When the family returned, Samuel’s mother reflected on the impact of the experience on her son: “The trip allowed Samuel to accept his condition. He now speaks more openly about his illness and has even agreed to have a few adaptations done around the house. This trip was really a revelation for him.” The family won’t soon forget their incredible week in the Bahamas or how the wish experience changed Samuel’s life. A huge thank you to Sony and Westjet for their support in granting this wish. Thank you as well to the Alithya team, who made this wish possible with their generous donation through the Adopt-A-Wish program!

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