I wish to go on a fishing trip

Anakin’s passion for sea life is a love story that began ever since he was little. His parents had him fishing at a very young age! When Anakin met with his wish granters, the young boy told them that he adored watching fish documentaries and that his favorite show was “River Monsters.” 

It didn’t take more than that to understand that Anakin’s wish was to go on a fishing trip with his family! The Make-A-Wish Quebec team was determined to plan the most wonderful wish experience for Anakin so he could get a well-deserved break from Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy. A trip that would also give him quality time to spend with his family. 

On a beautiful summer morning, the budding fisherman flew to British Columbia where he spent four days in an outfitter with his family.  During this getaway to a luxury fishing lodge, Anakin saw whales, orcas and beautiful landscapes. Anakin was so happy that he told his parents “You know, my wish was to go on a fishing trip with you. I don’t have to catch any fish to be happy!”

But, Anakin caught five fish himself! We could definitely say that the fishing was good. The family went home with 44 pounds of salmon fillets to enjoy on special occasions as they recall the memories of this wonderful trip.

Despite the obstacles that Anakin has to overcome because of his illness, his wish experience has certainly given him moments of pure happiness that allowed him to forget his illness, even if it was just for the duration of his fishing trip! Moving forward, when he faces difficult times, he will be able to close his eyes and think of all the beautiful marine animals he met. His smile will come back instantly!

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