I wish to go to South Korea

Victoria was born with sickle cell anemia. This severe form of anemia causes Victoria to have sudden moments of pain. She lives in fear of having to be hospitalised and has trouble accepting her medication. Since this condition is unpredictable, it can cause new complications at any given moment. 
Victoria loves watching Korean animation and wanted to learn more about the culture in South Korea. That is why that when Make-A-Wish / Fais-Un-Voeu Québec asked what was her greatest wish was, she responded to travel to South Korea.  
In April, Victoria and her family set off on their long journey to finally arrive at Victoria’s dream destination. Victoria got to discover the culture and tradition in South Korea by engaging in a ceramic art workshop and by exploring food markets and the city of Seoul. 
«The trip went very well. Victoria loved her experience and would like to return to live in South Korea once she is done school. The weather was nice during our entire trip» – Victoria’s mother. 
«At the beginning, my family was wondering why I wanted to go to South Korea, but once we arrived and they saw how it was there, they loved it as well. I’m going to remember everything from the trip, because I loved it so much»- Victoria. 

We would like to thank AirBnb for their assistance and for providing Victoria and her family with excellent accomodations. We would also like to thank the Sports Experts Centre-Ville team for their exceptional contribution made through the Adopt-A-Wish program.

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