I wish to go to Walt Disney World

Mael is a bubbly child living with a genetic disorder. His condition causes him to lose his balance and affects his breathing and motor skills. He needs help to complete many of his daily activities.

A huge fan of superheroes, Mael knows all the Disney movies by heart. When he found out that he would be flying to Orlando to meet all his favourite characters, he was thrilled!

During his stay, he visited many attractions, enjoyed the rides (to his parents’ surprise, no ride seemed too scary for him. His mother actually had to make an effort to keep up with him!) He also had the chance to met some of his favourite superheroes.

“It was very touching to see him so happy” His mother said upon their return. “Everything was perfect! Mael had an incredible experience and all those memories will stay with us forever. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for granting our son’s wish.”

A huge thank you to Medtronic, who made Mael’s wish come true through the Adopt-A-Wish program, and to Sony, Give Kids the World Village and TuGo for being a part of this wish.

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