I wish to have a Hippocampe wheelchair

Rafaële, 14, has Rett syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder that makes her fully dependent on the adults around her. She loves songs from the children’s show Passe-Partout as well as looking at bright colours. She also enjoys being outside with her mother and home care worker.

When Make-A-Wish / Fais-Un-Vœu Québec asked for Rafaële’s greatest wish, her mother replied, "To have a Hippocampe wheelchair."

The big reveal took place at Rafaële’s school, in the presence of her classmates, her assistants and her mom. The all-terrain Hippocampe wheelchair will allow her to go for walks through the mountains, on the beach and even in the snow. Once in her new chair, Rafaële appeared calm and comfortable—a good sign, according to her delighted mother.

Véronique, Rafaële's home caregiver, wrote to express her gratitude: "In making this wish come true, you’ve made a beautiful girl very happy, as well as her mother and her home caregiver. The Hippocampe wheelchair will make it easier for us to introduce our little ray of sunshine to a whole world of new places and activities. Thank you so much!"

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