I wish to have a mountain bike

Jimmy, 17 years old, was a big athlete before Leukemia invited its way into his life. His long stays at the hospital, the strong medications, the fatigue, the lack of appetite all stopped him from pursuing his sporting activities. To celebrate his remission, he wished for a mountain bike to get himself back to his former athlete self!

The Make-A-Wish Quebec team was determined to create an unforgettable experience for Jimmy. So, one morning in July, a limousine went to pick up Jimmy, his friends and family to bring them to an unknown destination. The destination being Bromont, where a big surprise was awaiting Jimmy.

Once Jimmy got out of the limousine, he understood right away what was going on. A beautiful Devinci mountain bike, along with all the necessary equipment, was waiting for him! His eyes lit up, his wish was now reality!

Jimmy got to learn how to use his new toy with a past member of the Canadian mountain biking team, Dominick Ménard. They did several descents together and Jimmy spent the day benefiting from all the advice this pro had to offer!

We would like to also thank RBC for their generous contribution to our Adopt-A-Wish program.



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