I wish to have a multisensory room

Nicolas is a young boy of just 9 years and suffers from Zellweger syndrome. He is deaf, almost completely blind and has a severe development delay. What brings him joy in life? Playing with toys that light up and vibrate, watching his favorite TV show, Diego, and spending time with his grandmother with him. 

He spends a lot of his time with her doing stimulation exercises. This is a time that Nicolas really needs to concentrate, something that does not always please him. He prefers to play his favorite visually captivating game on his computer. By clicking on his specialized mouse, he makes images appear. This game was so important for Nicolas that over the last year that he no longer had the game, he would go tap on the computer keyboard to see if images would appear.
Nicolas is non-verbal but he is understood by those closest to him thanks to his hand gestures. To bring joy to Nicolas and his family, Make-A-Wish Quebec granted him his greatest wish, to have a multisensory room adapted to his needs. 

Several of our partners worked hard to get this wish granted, one being interior designer Corinne Issner from L’Art de Co, along with Rénovation Massimo. Nicolas now has a multisensory room with a projector, florescent lights and images, textured light-up balls, a vibro-acoustic beanbag chair and a television. The most important aspect for Nicolas was of course a new version of his computer game along with a new specialized mouse. 

Happy and secure in his new room, he will be able to continue his stimulation activities with the help of his grandmother along with enjoying his favorite TV show, Diego.

A special thank you to Petra Ltéé for their generous donation through the Adopt-A-Wish program that made it possible for us to grant Nicolas’ wish. Another special thank you to our partner Sony, for their generous contribution to Nicolas’ wish.  

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