I wish to have a secret garden

Jessika is six years old and suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This condition means that Jessika’s muscles don’t grow the way that a normal person’s muscles grow. The muscles used for walking and moving but also the muscles used for swallowing and breathing. Being confined to her wheelchair or her bed, Jessika’s wish was to have a secret garden in her very own backyard! She wanted something that would allow her to look out her window and see nature and attract wildlife! 

Jessika’s wish was granted in spring of 2016 when a group of volunteers and contractors came together to make her wish a reality! While a contractor worked on a deck, another worked on a ramp. Both would allow Jessika to access her garden when she wanted. Once those were completed, a dozen volunteers came by the house to plant flowers, grass and different trees. They also installed bird houses, bird feeders, solar lights and beautiful decoration which would create a beautiful garden just for Jessika! One of Jessika’s favorite parts, a dog house for her imaginary dog slinky! 

Once the garden was complete Jessika’s mom shared: “Everyone does a lot of stuff for Jessika but it’s rare that she gets to have a say in what she gets. To see this come to life around her, it’s really about Jessika and to see her have something like this, it’s a wish come true even for me.” 

Thank you to Vision Design & Solution, Tripolli Impression, Pepinière Pierrefonds, Michel Cyr, Uni-Terre Lanscaping, Rona & Subway Île-Perrot!

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