I wish to meet Jennifer Lawrence

Although she suffers from a Complex Congenital Heart Defect that prevents her from exerting herself in any physical capacity, Morgan leads a life like most 13-year old girls.  She attends high school, likes to hang out with her friends and watch movies like The Hunger Games starring Jennifer Lawrence, who is Morgan’s idol. It was no surprise that Morgan’s wish was to meet Jennifer Lawrence in person!

As one of the movies from The Hunger Games series was being filmed at this time, it turned out that Jennifer Lawrence was going to be available to have Morgan visit her on the actual set of the movie! On April 8, Morgan, her sister Paige and their parents flew to Atlanta, Georgia for a five-day vacation of a lifetime. The first day was spent on-set where they were able to watch some scenes being taped, as well as meet the producers, make-up artists, set designers, and some of the extras. The greatest moment came when Morgan got to meet Jennifer Lawrence, not once, but twice during her visit. This meant that Morgan was able to snap a few shots, snag Jennifer’s autograph, and ask her idol all the questions she’s always wanted to! She was even invited to sit down and have lunch with the cast and crew. Morgan then was able to watch her favorite celebrity in action as she rehearsed the last scene of the day, while also getting to hang out with the actress in a more relaxed state when she was not filming.

While in Atlanta the family got to explore the wildlife at Zoo Atlanta, discovered life underwater at the Georgia Aquarium and even had time to taste the local cuisine. The family was thrilled with the whole experience and said that the people of Atlanta, and especially the people on the set of the movie, were incredibly welcoming and friendly. In Morgan’s words, “It was the best vacation ever!”

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