I wish to meet Michael Jordan

Westerlin is 18 years old and living with a blood disorder that causes frequent painful crises. He is also a huge basketball fan! He plays the sport and loves watching professional games. When our wish granters asked what his dearest wish was, he wished to meet a basketball athlete he has admired forever: Michael Jordan.

One spring day, his family and wish granters gathered to surprise him with the good news: his wish would be granted! In April, Westerlin, his parents and his sister packed their bags and flew to North Carolina to meet the basketball star. The evening before the big day, they saw the game opposing the Hornets and the Raptors. Westerlin and his family got the VIP treatment and saw the game from a suite!

Filled with excitement, he met Michael Jordan the next day. On top of being able to meet his favourite athlete and talk about basketball, Westerlin received some autographed basketball clothes. Michael Jordan also invited them to see a baseball game (the Knights) while they were in town – from a VIP suite as well! “We have never seen him so happy’’, said his mother.  We hope this joy will keep shining for Westerlin and his family for years to come!

Thanks to everyone who played a part in making Westerlin’s wish come true! We also wish to thank our partners:  TuGo, Park‘N Fly and Sony.

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