I Wish to Meet my Idol Minnie Mouse

Émilie, 4 years old, suffer’s from an Immune System Disorder. She’s a bight little girl that loves nail polish, dresses and princesses! Émilie also loves animals.  

When Make-A-Wish \ Fais-Un-Vœu Québec asked what was her dearest wish, Émilie replied: « I wish to meet Minnie Mouse ». In fact, she’s her biggest idol! She also wanted to see with her own eye’s Cinderella’s Castle.

Émilie took flight with her family to realize her biggest wish. The theme parks, the castle, the rides, the characters, the aquatic park and the aquatic animals … the whole family was so content to see how happy Émilie was.  


« A week filled with dreams where we were able to spend quality time together without worrying about everyday problems ». According to her mother. « A week like this one motivates us, it gives us hope to continue and face our future… We will keep memorable souvenirs for the rest of our lives. »


Thank you to Walt Disney World as well as the Sports Experts team that made this wish possible with their generous donations made through the Adopt-A-Wish program!