Manu, 11, suffers from skin cancer. Despite his condition, he’s a very confident and determined boy. Manu’s favorite sport is baseball. Contrary to vegetables which he doesn’t care for, this sport is practically a passion. His room is full of a multitude of baseball accessories, a signed bat, and more. Most of his accessories sport the logo of his favourite baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays.

When Make-A-Wish / Fais-Un-Vœu Québec asked Manu what his biggest wish was, without hesitation he answered:  "I wish to meet Russell Martin." While receiving treatments, Manu watched the games of his idol, with his dad.

When the big day came, not only did Manu meet with his idol and shake his hand, he also had the pleasure of playing some baseball with him! A game that Manu will not soon forget. When we asked why he had picked this wish, Manu said, "If I want to be a professional player, to become the best, I need the tricks of Russel!" Manu will now surely have the motivation to excel in this sport!

Thank you to the Sport Experts teams that made this wish possible, because of their generous donations made through the Adopt-A-Wish program!


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