I Wish to Shop at Apple

Marc-Andray, 17 years old, received a kidney transplant. He’s a very compassionate teenager that knows exactly what he wants. His favorite hockey team is the Boston Bruins and he particularly loves techno music. He is also very passionate and has great knowledge of everything relating to technology.


When Make-A-Wish \ Fais-Un-Vœu Québec asked what was his deepest wish, Marc-Andray replied: « I wish to go shopping at Apple ».


Marc-Andray’s wish day was a grandiose one. Him and his mother had no idea that they were going to go to the store in a limousine. He also wasn’t aware that all of his favorite candies and drinks were also waiting for him.


When he arrived on site, in front of the Apple boutique, the whole team as well as a photographer were waiting for him, to greet him for this very special moment. Marc-Andray had a reserved table where he could test all of his purchases. He was able to ask all of his questions to the Apple specialists and the staff was quite impressed with Marc-Andray’s technological abilities.


His mother was truly emotional to see him take in this magical moment. Marc-Andray couldn’t hide his joy when he received his laptop and cellphone. He was all smiles! A few days earlier we had asked him what was the best day of his life. Nothing came to mind. Once he returned to the limousine Marc-Andray told us: « This day, was the best day of my life!».


Thank you to the Apple Carrefour Laval team for their precious help in realizing this wish!