I wish to visit LEGOLAND in Denmark

Samuel's daily life is different from other children his age. He has to regularly take medication and receive a blood transfusion every week. Due to his condition, he has to avoid playing sports and had to stop going to school.

Like many other teenagers, Samuel likes video games, but he stands out for his passion for LEGO. Later on, he would even like to have his own LEGO store! It is no wonder that his wish was to fly to Denmark to visit the LEGO House, in the city of Billund, where the LEGO brick was created.

After their transatlantic flight, Samuel and his family arrived in Copenhagen. Samuel was impressed by how clean, tidy and eco-friendly it was. He also got to take a guided tour of the city on a double-decker bus and visit the zoological museum, where he was amazed to see a dinosaur skeleton.

But the highlight of his trip was, of course, the visit to the LEGO House in Billund! This interactive museum is divided into different themed areas offering a variety of experiences. Then, Samuel went to LEGOLAND, a theme park with several rides. He thought they were unique and amazing! He also took the opportunity to stock up on LEGOs from the shops. His visit would not have been complete without swinging by MINILAND, where various well-known places around the world are recreated with LEGOs!

In short, as a teenage LEGO fan, Samuel was impressed! He was able to build a souvenir, piece by piece, that he could cherish forever.

A huge thank you to the Lecky Foundation for granting Samuel's wish through the Adopt-A-Wish program! Thank you also to everybody who helped to grant Samuel's wish.

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