Je souhaite aller à Rome

Claire is a typical 17 year old teenager. She likes Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, playing Xbox and loves iced cappuccinos. The passion that distinguishes her; literature. This lover of reading often finds herself at the library getting lost in novels that speak of love. A fan of Shakespeare and Beaudelaire, she now writes her own poems.

An enthusiast of literature but also an enthusiast of history. Claire is interested in the past and how people lived in other times. When she met with her wish granters, her choice for her wish was adamant, “I wish to go to Rome.” There is no better destination than Italy’s capital for a passionate writer and lover of history.

Last August, her wish became her reality. Claire and her family flew to Rome where multiple attractions awaited them; a guided tour of the Coliseum, a hop-on/hop-off bus tour through the city, the Trevi fountain, shopping and tons more! For the duration of their stay, the family was generously hosted by Airbnb in the heart of Rome and they fully enjoyed the authentic Italian cuisine.

For a teenager suffering from a hematological disease that requires numerous medical follow-ups and occasional hospitalizations, a trip was the best way to forget all her troubles and make ample family memories. Upon their return, Claire’s step-dad expressed to us “the granting of this wish was one of the most beautiful moments we’ve shared as a family.”

Thank you to FlightHub, Airbnb, Sony Canada Charitable Foundation & TuGo for their generous support in granting Claire’s wish!

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