A picture-perfect trip to Hawaii

Paloma is a sweet and cheerful young girl. Due to her medical condition, walking for more than five to ten minutes is no small feat. She tires easily and is highly sensitive to noise, so it’s important for her to be in a calm environment. Her only physical activity is swimming in the heated pool at the hospital.

Paloma likes arts and crafts, theatre, and the colour turquoise. For her, Hawaii is the tropical paradise depicted in the movies. When our wish volunteers paid her a visit to let her know that she’d have the chance to see it in person, she couldn’t have been more excited.

In late January, Paloma and her family flew out to the beautiful island of Oahu. They had a wonderful time. Paloma got to see, touch, and swim with wild dolphins at the beach. Not only did she forget about her illness, both physically and mentally, but she also got a boost of self-confidence.

Paloma’s mom says that her daughter “has become the child she was two years ago [before the diagnosis].”

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Clintar for making Paloma’s dream wish possible. We also want to thank our partners at Sony, TuGo, and WestJet along with everyone else who helped make Paloma’s wish come true.

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