A sensory room for Luca

Luca is a cheerful 17-year-old boy. He communicates through gestures and with images. Because of his condition, he loses his balance and needs assistance to move around.

His wish was to have a sensory room where he could relax with his family. The basement was the ideal place to set up his new room, but it needed a bit of work first. Volunteers from Medtronic came over with their sleeves rolled up and some paint to freshen up the space. The following day, volunteers from the Foundation and the Avron team came over to install the double therapeutic rocking chair, a huge bean bag, mirrors, optical fibre, a black light, a projector and a lava lamp.

Weeks after her son's wish was granted, Luca's mother wrote to us. "Luca felt so special being at the heart of the project. We had a lot of fun in the sensory room. Luca is obsessed with his projector! He is so proud of it and is very careful with it. He plugs it in himself and handles it well. It was a beautiful experience for the whole family!"

A huge thank you to Avron, as well as the Medtronic team who have made Luca’s wish come true through the Adopt-A-Wish program!


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