A trip to Greece and a new beginning

While most teenagers finish high school without much hassle, Maylie's numerous medical visits forced her to stop attending classes. Her teachers helped her complete her secondary studies from home, in between doctor's appointments. Moreover, her treatment produced secondary effects such as fatigue and throat soreness. 

Because she loves incredible landscapes and discovering other cultures, Maylie's biggest wish was to visit Greece. During the FLS gala, she was given a travel guide, a beach bag, and the news that her wish would come true in spring! In May, Maylie and her family packed their bags and headed towards the island of Milos.  


The discoveries were plentiful and started with an exploration of the geological and volcanic world of Milos in the Sarakiniko caves, followed by the island and its intrinsic beauty: the white houses with their blue shutters, the ocean and its salty air, and the small cobbled streets. They also had the chance to meet the welcoming locals, who helped them discover their culture. Next, Maylie and her family headed to Santorini, where they sailed around and discovered its magnificent capital, Fira.  


What Maylie and her family brought back with them were their hearts filled with breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable encounters. The wish experience was a breath of fresh air after Maylie'a long treatments and the mark of a new beginning. 


We would like to thank FLS Gala, who made this wish come true through the Adopt-A-Wish program, as well as Sony and TuGo. 

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